The Evergreen Flame Heater BBQ

Introducing the Evergreen Flame Heater BBQ – a unique and portable BBQ that is the perfect alternative to disposable BBQs.

This clever grill burns many different types of fuel: charcoal, wood pellets, wood or sawdust briquettes and dry wood kindling. It’s simple to use and it packs away into an easy carry case.

A BBQ for all seasons

Whether you’re camping with the family, hitting the beach with some friends, enjoying some night fishing, or taking the camper van out for a road trip – make sure you add the Evergreen Flame to your packing list.

Disposable BBQs are already being banned from many places due to the mess they leave behind, and they are not good for the environment either. So our team of BBQ’ing legends came up with this neat little gadget. It’s been tried, tested and refined over a number of years and we are delighted to bring it to market for everyone to enjoy.

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use – and it cooked our food perfectly”

Antony, Surrey, UK

Available in 3 sizes

The Evergreen Flame Heater BBQ comes in 3 sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Sizing below is approximate and based on BBQ packed into its carry case.

When BBQ is assembled, this adds approx 7.5cm to the height.

Sizes: H = 9cm, W = 22cm, L = 29cm
Weight: 3kg
Price: £90 (Free P&P)

Sizes: H = 9.5cm, W = 22cm, L = 47cm
Weight: 6kg
Price: £125 (Free P&P)

Extra Large:
Sizes: H = 9.5cm, W = 32cm, L = 49.5cm
Weight: 9kg
Price: £155 (Free P&P)